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We at Corpus Christi Camera firmly believe that our staff are the backbone of our success: They bring enthusiasm, knowledge and service to our customers, they believe in the products that we sell and they are passionate about photography, art, video, storytelling, and everything related to the incredible work of imaging.
We strive to create an environment for our staff that is rich in experience in both the sales and photography industries; ripe with opportunities to earn and move up in the company; a space to express themselves with public presentations, entry into exclusive photography competitions; and a vibrant, engaging environment with a slew of employee perks that make working at Corpus Christi Camera a rewarding and useful experience for everyone!

Who we want

We are always looking for passionate people of all personality types for positions from sales to shipping/receiving to marketing, events and education.

Experience doesn't matter as much as potential, but we do appreciate a genuine interest in photography and a willingness to specialize, availability to work at least 25 hours/week, and the initiative to purse extra money-making opportunities through company programs.

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Meet the Team

We love our people and we know you will, too. Come in and say hi!

The Harpers

Owners and Full-Timers

Charlie was a photographer and Karen was a news reporter when they first met in Texas 20 years ago.

In March 2017, they quit the rat race and moved to the beach to raise a family, open their own business and support their passion for photography.

You'll find us in the store every day, working to help photographers of all levels find what they need to pursue their passion! Come on in, shutterbugs, we are so happy to see you!

He also describes himself as a shuffleboard godfather and superking, and counts himself, Charlie L. Harper III, among his shuffleboard influencers.

Vic Daniels

Manager and Lab Guy

We met Vic Daniels at an event celebrating a local muralist here in Corpus Christi. The moment we found out this U.S. Navy reservist hand develops his own color film by hand, we knew we  wanted this smart, creative, resourceful and intelligent person on our team. He has a passion for photography and he regularly shoots outside of store hours to keep his talent fresh, his connections up and his eye on the latest photography trends. 

Vic is a world traveler and has a special affinity for shooting on film. He counts Henri Cartier-Bresson and Fan Ho among his photographic influences.

He also describes himself as a two-time shuffleboard champion and another time shuffleboard champion in the near future. He counts Charlie L. Harper III among his shuffleboard influencers.


Our next team member

We are looking for part-time, full-time and seasonal help in our sales, marketing, shipping and receiving, and online sales/social media departments.

We welcome friendly, enthusiastic, team-oriented people with some work experience, an interest in photography, a willingness to be coached, personal initiative, and an interest in making money!

We can't offer health benefits yet, but we have great employee purchase programs offering you excellent discounts on cameras and gear, incentives for loyalty, free employee rentals and flexible vacation scheduling.

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