Get your questions answered here, or stop by and say hi!

How is your customer service?

We have decades of combined photography experience on our staff, and we are proud to back up our products with warranties, support them with tutorials and classes, and one-on-one service anytime you step into our beautiful showroom!  Let us know how we can help you!

And your prices?

We can compete with the big stores and then keep you coming back for support, community and expansion.

Do you have studio space for rent?

Our 33'x`16 foot space comes with basic lighting, backdrop, bathroom, electricity and water - and competitive rates. Call us for information.

Do you offer classes?

Yes. We have a 30-minute, one-on-one Buttons and Knobs tutorial. We'll teach one-on-one classes from Beginner to Advanced, and offer exciting group classes from local and national experts.

Are you authorized dealers?

Yes. We have solid relationships with Canon, Sony, Fuji, Tamron, Sigma, ProMaster and so many more - and we're adding more all the time.

Do you clean and repair cameras?

We will clean your sensors and do a full camera detail, including your favorite lens, for $75 - a competitive price you'll find for a personal, meticulous cleaning by one of our experienced staff.

As for repairs, we don't turn screws in-store - but we have a great partnership with authorized repair dealers in North Texas, and we will personally make sure your camera or lens gets the attention in needs!

What about film?

We love film! We sell film! We have Fuji and will soon have Impossible Project (for Polaroid lovers)  later this summer.

As for developing, we rely on a great partnership with an authorized facility in North Texas - and they get your film back to us with the prints, the negatives and a digital file.

Will you print my photos?

Yes. We've got an industrial-grade inkjet that will print photos to last 100 years. Your print order will be personally shepherded through from start to finish. Come down and use our in-store kiosk or consult with one of our staff.

What about archiving? 

We can transfer your old VHS to a digital file, and we can scan your old family negatives and photos onto digital files as well.

Will you buy my old gear?

Yes! We are interested in camera bodies and lenses, if they are in great shape and high demand. We can't guarantee anything or quote a price to you over the phone - bring it into the store.

Will you rent me your gear?

Yes, we will! Reserve your gear if you're making plans, or just stop by and grab it on your way to your assignment. Deposits required for rentals.

What’s your return policy?

Accept returns within 14 days for in-store credit.

Do you ship overseas and to P.O. boxes?