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We can help fix your broken cameras, lenses & flashes

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camera, Lenses, Flashes repairs

We can help fix your broken cameras, lenses, and flashes. Our experts in-store can often troubleshoot small issues, but if it’s too big for us to handle, we have two authorized repair facilities we use for diagnoses, estimates and repairs.

how does it work?

Bring us your broken gear and let’s have a look. If we can’t fix it within a few minutes, we take in a $25 shipping fee and get you a quote within 10 days. If you want to move ahead, you pay us the amount and we can have it back to you within two weeks (oftentimes more quickly). If you don’t think it’s worth it, decline and you get your camera back at no extra charge.

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Camera, Lenses, Flashes Repairs

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