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We at Corpus Christi Camera firmly believe that our staff are the backbone of our success: They bring enthusiasm, knowledge and service to our customers, they believe in the products that we sell and they are passionate about photography, art, video, storytelling, and everything related to the incredible work of imaging.

We strive to create an environment for our staff that is rich in experience in both the sales and photography industries; ripe with opportunities to earn and move up in the company; a space to express themselves with public presentations, entry into exclusive photography competitions; and a vibrant, engaging environment with a slew of employee perks that make working at Corpus Christi Camera a rewarding and useful experience for everyone!

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We are always looking for passionate people of all personality types for positions from sales to shipping/receiving to marketing, events and education.

Experience doesn't matter as much as potential, but we do appreciate a genuine interest in photography and a willingness to specialize, availability to work at least 25 hours/week, and the initiative to purse extra money-making opportunities through company programs.

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